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24:03The Sway House Mobile Game is a Disaster
The Sway House Mobile Game is a DisasterGanger 1,9 mill21 dag siden
25:51"The Man Show" Did NOT Age Well...
"The Man Show" Did NOT Age Well...Ganger 2,4 millMåned siden
22:14TikTok's Un-Motivational Speaker
TikTok's Un-Motivational SpeakerGanger 1,7 millMåned siden
26:10The Internet's Most Absurd Lies
The Internet's Most Absurd LiesGanger 2,5 mill2 måneder siden
44:34Trying to Get Rich Off Pokémon Cards
Trying to Get Rich Off Pokémon CardsGanger 1,6 mill2 måneder siden
24:20Undercover Boss is Ridiculous
Undercover Boss is RidiculousGanger 2,4 mill3 måneder siden
17:21Fact-Checking Insane Articles Written About Me
Fact-Checking Insane Articles Written About MeGanger 1,8 mill3 måneder siden
28:50Barbie vs. Bratz
Barbie vs. BratzGanger 3,1 mill3 måneder siden
26:23I Found a Super Weird Instructional Video from 1999
37:16A Deep Dive Into Disney Adults
A Deep Dive Into Disney AdultsGanger 4,9 mill4 måneder siden
27:47Room Raiders was MTV's Grossest Dating Show
Room Raiders was MTV's Grossest Dating ShowGanger 2,5 mill5 måneder siden
16:53Ridiculous Safety TikToks
Ridiculous Safety TikToksGanger 2,3 mill6 måneder siden
36:52I Somehow Got a World Record Speedrun
I Somehow Got a World Record SpeedrunGanger 2,4 mill6 måneder siden
21:31EPISODE: The Final Episode
EPISODE: The Final EpisodeGanger 1,3 mill7 måneder siden
18:29The Weirdest Whisper App Confessions
The Weirdest Whisper App ConfessionsGanger 2,7 mill7 måneder siden
28:48Teaching Gamers About God
Teaching Gamers About GodGanger 3,2 mill8 måneder siden
39:12The Frightening World of AI Generated Content
The Frightening World of AI Generated ContentGanger 3,4 mill8 måneder siden
24:14These "Alpha Males" Were Banned From TikTok
These "Alpha Males" Were Banned From TikTokGanger 4,9 mill9 måneder siden
19:56EPISODE: Episode 5 - The Big Reveal
EPISODE: Episode 5 - The Big RevealGanger 1,4 mill9 måneder siden
36:52Putting Nate Garner's Online Course To The Test
Putting Nate Garner's Online Course To The TestGanger 4,7 mill10 måneder siden
21:10YouTube Couples Are Getting Out Of Hand
YouTube Couples Are Getting Out Of HandGanger 3,9 mill10 måneder siden
24:07This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity
This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure InsanityGanger 2,7 mill10 måneder siden
13:25I Am Terrified Of This Man
I Am Terrified Of This ManGanger 3,9 mill11 måneder siden
35:44I Became A Country Boy
I Became A Country BoyGanger 4,2 mill11 måneder siden
17:13Let's Watch My Favorite TikToks
Let's Watch My Favorite TikToksGanger 3,1 millÅr siden
33:03GOAT STORY 2: Was This Necessary?
GOAT STORY 2: Was This Necessary?Ganger 3,8 millÅr siden
25:18TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor
17:09Episode 4: The L Word
Episode 4: The L WordGanger 1,5 millÅr siden


  • 12:12

  • Boy looking canadian as fuck

  • When I heard the gen 5 low hp theme🕺🕺🕺

  • I really like this video. As someone on the spectrum who understands special interests I understand why autistic adults could have a “weird” obsession with Disney. I have a obsession with nice bathrooms and bathroom interior design, which is arguably way more weird than like Disney lmao

  • If I had a million dollars, the last place I’m living in FLORIDA.

  • In light of new recent events.... I think kurtis is weirdly and uncomfortably funny

  • Behold, the hoover dam

  • I always feel that part of the equality discussion, where the inequality actually emerge, is being ignored while many (a lot of men, sadly) focus on trivial comparisons and nitpicking. The message for women as they grow up have always been ''There is something wrong with you and we can tell you how to fix it, and you HAVE to fix it''. Reading any teen magazine from the 90's to early 00's is actually borderline psychotic with the ideals women were indoctrinated into believing to be the ''norm''. Men, on the other hand, have not been the target of such a confusing and damaging set of teachings about betterment. I'm not saying there has been negative stereotypes or unattainable goals for us; being told get super buff and be an ''Alpha'', while simultaneously ignoring most emotions because they're ''bad'', has had an equally bad influence. The difference is that we're told that we can do it and to push through, while women have been told that they will never be able to reach the finish line. Men needing to better themselves may therefore sound unfair, but men have constantly avoided taking the blame for so much shit we actively and passively contribute to. The very first step is for us to be able to look at ourselves and feel things again, something we've been told not to do for so fucking long. Fucking feel sad and talk about the sadness with someone (even better book an appointment for a therapy session and cry your eyes out without worry). Hug your best friend and tell him you fucking love him. Be happy and discuss why you're feeling happy with male friends/colleagues/family. Start to better yourself from the perspective of being a man, with all the privileges and traumas that come from being one. It's okay to have fucked up in your life, it's okay to realize you hurt someone and it's okay that you might not be able to change that fact. But it's not okay to stay blissfully ignorant while avoiding accountability for the problems men have, do and will keep on causing if we don't better ourselves. Because if we keep translating sadness into weakness, and anger into domestic abuse, I really don't se us having true equality for some time.

  • Update your apps Kurtis.

  • 4:02 I'd subscribe to you twice (if it was possible) just for this-

  • He's straight??

  • Shifting honestly just sounds like glorified lucid dreaming

  • Kurtis does not vibe with the word vibe

  • Not even ONE GREETING???? #cancelled

  • yooo i am so glad that im a lesbian. this is NEXT LEVEL fucked up. not having to deal with this shit from asshole dudes is ALMOST worth the hate crimes ive had to go through. Its a very close race.

  • Lol I know people round 40 that complain when they can't get their yearly Disneyland trip...covid hit and these mfs we're hella mad.

  • it is a nice shirt

  • Patient douchbags are how abusive relationships happen

  • okay but with the shirt one he said, "husband or wife" and idk but it just made me happy

  • 6:23 is what you call a freudian slip i think 😂

  • this was uploaded on my bday omg

  • R.I.P. when the hospital skit is basically the US healthcare system

  • why does some of the mafias look like rick astley

  • Thought the "fishy" line was a Goat Story reference, but it was a year after this, so...

  • Can you react to Danny mullen

  • “It’s just a joke!” Oh, like happy slapping? So random people being assaulted and murdered was fine because the trend was a joke? Kurtis is right; it doesn’t absolve what you just did. And joking about something enough eventually turns it into a very real mindset. Just admit you’re a douche so we can all move on without you making an even bigger joke out of yourself excusing toxic behavior

  • Growing up as a young girl you were literally told to be afraid of walking alone and that misogyny and sexism was something that was inevitable.

  • None of these videos were offensive except the r*pe one, y’all are too sensitive, this is my first video of u but I’m sure you’re gay right? Or you were a girl before?

  • They are not fine. They terrorize you when you say you don’t like Disney

    • As a Disney fan, you can dislike Disney but as long as you don’t bully anyone who likes Disney. It feels like the Fortnite Bad Minecraft Good that happened in 2019 where you couldn’t like Fortnite.

  • every once in a while being a lesbian comes in handy, sometimes I forget that that there are more than, like, 1,000 men on this plant, it can be kind of relieving ngl

  • they're giving very "the douche" from parks and rec.

  • *literal white supremacy* Them: dude it’s just a joke calm down ❄️

  • Sbeve.

  • Suffice to say Disney adults are a weird aspect the post-idustrialized world

  • Isn't satire supposed to go above and beyond the thing they are satirizing to show why the thing they are satirizing is stupid and funny to poke at. The shit that is said in this show is just shit that is genuinely done by shite conservatives to push bigoted agendas. There is no satire because the thing they are satirizing just acts like that unironically.

  • I always felt weird abt jimmy kimmel lol

  • yo i love bro milk I L O V E B R O M I L K

  • This is the kind of guy that says, "Wheres my hug"

  • 8:22 to be fair, Myron is trying to get loads of attention he craves, so it is actually a pretty fair example

  • what's wrong? "SpOrTs"....I am offended.

  • hey david can u get that memo to me by 5?

  • Cyrano de Bergerac is the play it is based on this is great 😂

  • RIP Kieth

  • gnd merda

  • More like boomer memes

  • You know what's killing our society? Blindly trusting the government and big Pharma who just two years ago we all agreed needed a massive upheaval but now big Pharma is our friend right? The same people that made baby powder that gave people cancer(facts!) or the same ones that put out Oxycontin knowing very well how addictive and deadly it is?(Facts!) Those people? The same ones that made these damn vaccines? Oxy was FDA approved too, that makes it safe right? Don't make a damn video that's supposed to be light-hearted and then shit on people who have different opinions than you about the vaccine. This high-and-mighty attitude makes me want to crawl through my screen and beat you. Not trusting our government and these massive companies that for decades willingly put out products they know they'll get sued for... yup im the idiot. I think I'll stick with not changing my genetic code on trust. You have the vaccine so your all good right? Then fuck off about what anyone else is doing. The only people I know that have even got covid have the vaccine! I'm not unsubscribing because of your opinion I'm unsubscribing because you're being a disrespectful asshole and acting like you know more than the rest of us when I'm pretty confident you're just a NOwiner and not a fucking scientist. I'll stick to questioning everything, if that makes me dumb then cool. I guess we'll all see won't we? When the next vaccine comes and the cycle starts all over again let's see how willing you are to get it.

  • I’m a dit eating truck

  • Hey make a manswers video I never even knew what that was lol

  • Say Kurtis Kenneth Conner 5 times, fast

  • The bit about the drones is my new favorite thing. r/Unexpected

  • The ramen mac n cheese feels like a literal hate crime

  • 7:05 Yeah... thats why I had to stop smoking pot. I did some crazy stupid stuff like that. 9:20 In middle school I had a teacher who went crazy one day and started calling a girl a spoiled bitch...for asking a question. yeah it was crazy.

  • These tiktakers man

  • Kurtis: “Yeah soft boys wear vans and docs” My lesbian ass: *slowly puts all of the vans and docs in the closet*

  • So are boys supposed to say "no sus" instead of no homo now?

  • my ex made the most cringe tiktok as soon as we broke up 😭

  • As a Christian I can say that these kind of people just make me disappointed in the Christian community, as you shouldn’t shove it down people’s throats- they have their own opinions and choices, especially with telling people they’re going to hell. What are you trying to do? Scar people for life? Its stupid on how people go about like this thinking it’s going to help. It isn’t.

  • The Asian girl spoke Korean, fed him sushi (Japanese), and a chinese music played at the end wtf

  • On the off-chance you see this, you said you stored your good pokemon cards in a book/binder. I would guess you put that binder with your other books/binders when you moved meaning you probably do still have those cards, but they'd be a different box.

  • The bit in the Bible where it talks about "man shall not lay with man" was originally about pedophilia but was edited to talk about homosexuality in the 1940's. They condemned a relationship between two adults over an immoral one between an adult and a minor.

  • I wanna meet the bass pro shop owner. Surely that dude opens his coronas with his laser eyes like it's nothing

  • Me: *has iron deficiency* Also me: *sees that tiktok* Iron deficiency: *RUNS AWAY 🏃‍♂️*

  • the video out of pity

  • I would love for you to come ot BOSTON!!! it be would be an awesome ladies night out! We are much older than your typical demographic, but youre fucking hilarious, and this old lady watches all your videos!

  • Skit had 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

  • Kurtis at 3:06 “I don’t want to be too mean..” *proceeds to make fun of outfit* 😭😭🤣🤣

  • “yummy yummy i miss my mummy” LMAOOOO 10:20

  • Proud to have always hated Jimmy Kimmel, even before knowing this and before his disgusting fundraiser that attempted to “cure” autism.

  • I’m typing this with an egg 😛😛😛😛🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜

  • I feel attacked

  • bresteraunt

  • Tbh fresh & fit are idiots but… they got a point, they basically teach men how to play mind games with females which is basically what most females want, a man who can keep her on the edge of her seat. Fresh & fit turn that knob to a 10 which is why they are idiots. Fellas you don’t have to be a jerk to get females, but don’t be a lame either, be yourself and you should be okay

  • how is it breaking news to that CEO that people work... to make money... like would you work for free? no

  • 2 years later : omg guys im a dolphin this video works

  • A stable cute guy who respect women 😍

  • we just gonna glaze over the fact that you can apparently buy towns on craiglist? ok

  • imagine not getting an extra greeting that’s honestly SO embarrassing 🙄🙄

  • I had to send a screenshot to my fire fighter friend who is also a scuba diver lol