I Found a Super Weird Instructional Video from 1999

Publisert 31. mai. 2021
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This week, we look at a very strange instructional video about how to prepare your family for Y2K. What sucks about that is Y2K never really happened so the video was all for nothing! Let's laugh at them!!!


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comment "watch out for that shark" if ur reading this


  • Technically we all only get one greeting since you only address the new people in your first greeting.

  • Spent the whole mixer movie trailer waiting for “mixer? I hardly know her” 😔

  • I have no idea why but Kurtis's face when his eyes are wide in the first "we gotta go, now" scene reminds me of a pug

  • Can't wait for 2999 when y3k happens


  • If the economy does collapse then paper money would be worthless but valuable metals would actually be the main thing that retains value, js not a bad idea to have some gold just in case lol

  • Well I seen the family guy episode a bout so I'm cool

  • not me thinking they were talking abt the aesthetic

  • [FOOD] big shark

  • I love that Kurtis’ nails are chipped

  • what if the movie kurtis made a trailer on was actually about how the hand mixer industry's just gonna collapse and what happens to the people who worked there

  • Can we talk about how this guy said "it's a mars thing"

  • Meanwhile I was using bible logic to convince myself that everyone was overreacting regarding the end of the world in 2012, because of y2k never happened, big brain over here 👈 🤣🤣😂….

  • Honestly I wish I could travel to America to see your stand up, I love stand up!! But I can’t cause financially struggling plus new born, so yeah you can do the math… hopefully in the future, like soon….

  • Disliking cause Kurt trashed on my boi Nick Cage😡😡😡

  • 14:29 my best guess is he meant you gotta check the expiration?? Idk. Man did some hardcore drugs before coming on set it seems.

  • So excited for Neil Breen’s newest movie, “The Last Stand”.

  • watch out for that shark

  • _End Of The World In 2012_ anecdote: When that was still a thing (namely in 2012 lol), I created an event on facebook titled "Weltuntergang", which is just german for end of the world. It didn't have any location given or anything, just the date set for 21st and was basically just a joke about the whole impending doom idea. I set the event to public and it became somewhat viral among users in my region. When it had about 50.000 "guests", I discovered that there was a button that would let me send a message to *all 50.000* joined users at once. Now, being a teenager at the time, I just couldn't resist making that into an epic prank, so I sent something along the lines of "What's up?" to all of them. I don't know if their individual privacy settings allowed all of them to actually recieve the message, but I know it did reach a large amount of people, because over the following days I got several hundred replies, most of them just confused people asking who I was and if they knew me. Unlike the actual earth, the event disappeared from the face of the earth a few days later (I assume facebook just deleted it, but I never got a notification about it or anything).

  • The host is the villain from fuckin Halloweentown High 😂😂

  • Rawr.

  • "It's essentially just 40 minutes of fear mongering" Opens ad read with fear mongering

  • watch out for that shark

  • I forgot the title/topic of this video and until 6:51 I thought he was gonna talk about the movie 2012

  • This is hilarious. I was born in 2003, but my mom told me this story about how her cousin cut the power at midnight at his family's new year's party 😂

  • "it was all white people buying up the toilet paper" shows a photo of two clearly non white ladies in said Photo going to buy said toilet paper 16:22

  • Yeah, the apocalypse didn't happen BECAUSE WE WERE PREPARED, KURTIS

  • The funniest part of this video is that part where he is saying that white people took al the toilet paper and then showed a picture that completely contradicted himself. Nice.

  • Wait what? Kurtis was 13 years old in 2012 and also 5 years old in 2000????

    • He was watching movies *about* 2012 when he was 13, not watching movies in 2012

  • Currently watching this as all of the social media platforms are practically shutting down at this point.

  • outta gas

  • why a monk on the cover of 2012? is it _just_ because tibet=himalayas, himalayas=tallest mountains, tallest mountains=protection from floods... yeah probably that one

  • Dudes... you know y2k didn't happen because people took action to prevent it, right? It was an actual, potentially serious, problem... But golly geez, best y2k joke ever!

  • The y2k joke still lingers in my mind here at the end of the video

  • y2K actually would have been a big problem and the only reason it wasn't was because computer scientists worked so hard to prevent it!

  • I am old enough to remember New Years 1999. Most people I knew really weren't worried about it. There were some who bought into the doomsday shtick, but they're the same type of people who believe 5G will give them Covid. It was well-known that programers had been working overtime to ensure any major issues were avoided.

  • nothing happened during y2k cause a bunch of computer programmers fixed the problem before it became a problem lmao

  • Also they’re like yeah just pull out a lot of money or all of your money but banks don’t have all the money they use your money to borrow it’s very confusing to explain but like that’s how the world collapses if you take all the money because I don’t have it

  • I have no idea if anybody else was thinking about this but what are they just got the date wrong and it’s actually 2021 not 2012 🤭

  • I used to think the word armageddon came from gravity falls

  • You should come to Kansas!

  • When you're playing nba2k and the servers crash: "Y2K, WHY???"

  • y2k was actually a big issue. computers would think it was 1900, which wouldn't cause the world to end but it would fuck with a lot of automated processes, so teams of coders fixed the problem, got all the computers around the world to know that the year 2000 exists, and when the clock hit 12, nothing happened, thanks to those coders.

  • Men conveniently forget that a huge number of early computer programmers were women. We would not have the computer and internet technology we do today if it weren’t for women.

  • holy shit thats a lot of 2 liter bottles in my house

  • When you said New Brunswick I was excited you were coming to my province, but then you said New Jersey. Heart broke, unsubbing now /j

  • Dunno if anyone has said it before but Y2K WAS kinda going to be a thing- people just worked REALLY hard to make sure it didn't by updating vital systems before the end of the year change over. None of those people got any credit for it though and everyone just assumes it was all a hoax because of how smoothly it went. Guess it would've been harder to sell all those survival kits and guides if they advertised how tech people were fixing the issue instead of just focusing on the potential for catastrophe lol

  • I remember being 12 during the 2012 end of the world thing and i remember thinking to myself “welp, it was fun” I was completely ok with dying like what am i gonna do? Survive?

  • My father in law was a computer programmer for a large insurance company, and he said he spent hours working on the code to avoid any problems when 2000 finally hit. Of course the world wasn't going to end. But it might have been much more inconvenient if not for many people working many hours to avoid issues

  • As an Australian, you killed that gday mate, and the mullet, dirty mo and trucker hat completed it perfectly

  • 16:26 the economy is *going* to collapse if everyone goes vegetarian/vegan AND if people stop buying cosmetic products and services. i learned the latter from a poem and 0-0

  • World tour anyone??

  • I remember Y2K. It was horrific. I'll never forget the amount of blood.. For some reason no body else can. They think I'm crazy. There must be a bug in my simulation. I even remember the day they started plugging us all in. I fear that I'm the only one who remembers, and we're all lost in this self imposed simulation. If anyone out there remembers, get ahold of me. Not that we would want to leave this simulation.. God no. If you remembered, you'd know why. Anything is better than that. You don't know cold until you've felt the cold steel of nitrogen cooled super computing underground robotoids... I wish I could forget. More than I want anyone to believe me.

  • The marc Johnson shout. Gotta tip it

  • I would go see last stand:mixer. . For sure

  • I was 10, we had like 20 2 liter/milk gallon jugs full of water. Tons of canned food. We waited up for new years and... of course nothing happened it was great.

  • If Kurtis was 13 in 2012, how was he five in 1999?

    • @Donut oh, that makes sense

    • He was 13 in 2007, he talked about how he was 13 watching movies about 2012 and he was scared cause they were telling him he'd die in 5 years.

  • Please post a video of post apocalyptic movie ratings and make it a series plz !!!! I’d love that shit

  • I remember being in middle school doing the math and thinking about how I would be 15 in 2012 and how "well I guess that's a good age to die, I will have lived life by then" UM WHAT????? .....and if there are 15 year-olds reading this, life gets so much more awesome I mean wow you don't even KNOW HOW AMAZING YOU WILL BECOME YET

  • pls tell me the death note reference wasn’t unintentional

  • i died back in 2012

  • was the 2012 Mayan shit just not in Australia because I had never heard of it until I binged Glee.

  • Not gonna lie, I'd legit watch you list apocalypse movies and rate them

  • Bro literally no one ever goes to Bridgeport to do any sort of show, thank you letting people know we exist

  • can't believe popular music producer y2k creator of lalala with bbno$ threatened to end the world 20 years ago

  • The only movie as bad as the knowing is The happening similar names and equally as bad as each other

  • how old is kurtis???

  • Its weird how most of our end of the world scenerios just revolve around the calender and numbers in general.

  • Why the fuck would you stick your water bottles in random locations instead of just putting them in storage somewhere so you don't have to have an Easter egg hunt every time you get thirsty 😂😂

  • I mean, to be fair, Y2K didn't happen only because software engineers fixed the issues before the millennium. It also was never going to be an end of the world situation, but banks and the stock market actually did face real problems.

  • The y2k joke sent me so much

  • My mum was a programmer at the time. I remember it as a weirdly hyped new years. I was almost 8... I think if the internet was what it is today, y2k probably would've been dispelled years prior. Then again, 2012 was a scare when we had all of the facts at our fingertips explaining how the Mayan calendar works. Don't forget about the rapture. The height of religious comedy.

  • Gold is valuable for its many advantages for industrious use due to its ductility, malleability, and ability to conduct heat I believe.

  • i remember being 8 and this much older boy on the bus (6th grade) told me we were going to die on 12-12-12. i didnt ask no questions i just accepted my fate. on the day of i was saying goodbye to everyone. my mom and grandma were so confused. and i said “because all the numbers are the same on the date we’re going to die”

  • To be clear, Y2K was an actual problem. Not an apocalypse, but a problem. A lot of tech people, including my notably female sister, worked overtime to make sure everything got switched over right. So, yeah! Y2K was a thing, but it got fixed and nothing happened.

  • I would watch every minute of that movie, especially if Kurtis still played every character.

  • i am a woman. i have never told the time or date. i am constantly afraid im going to be late for work, school, appointments, because i do not understand time and dates. i especially do not understand computers. i am sending this through my husband, who does understand computers, times, and dates. thank you.

  • The running "big shark" joke is the exact humor I come to Kurtistown for


  • August 1999. Teenage me knew these Y2K idiots were indeed idiots, but how to prove it? Set my computer and phone dates to December 31, ‘99 11:55pm and wait. I waited and survived. I went to school and told everyone what happened. The word spread. Turns out I saved my town from insanity. Too bad I couldn’t prove Covid was real...

  • I only realised y2k means the year 2000 quarter-way into the video AAAAAA

  • My Y2K experience was wild. I was 8 and we had a huge new years party at my house. The adults where downstairs drinking and we children upstairs where making preparations for the end of the world which included filling Dixie cups with bathroom tap water and the storage of snacks. Midnight starts to roll around and the two groups merges, one for the new years and the other for the end of the world. 3.. 2.. 1.... HAPPY NE (power goes out) some kid yells "IT THE END" Turns out dad figured out what we kids where up and thought it would be hilarious if he shut off the main breaker.

  • "there's a truck full of whisks! " I'm disappointed you didn't say, "We gotta go, we can't whisk it."

  • Where do I buy a Y2K survival kit?

  • While y2k probably wouldn't have been apocalyptic it was an actual issue that did need to be solved, we all think it was nothing because a lot of work went into making sure it wasn't

  • If women are nurturing, and men aren’t, where do women go for nurturing?

  • Hello my dad helped with solving the y2k issues you’re welcome

  • Didn't know such thing as Y2K

  • I thought y2k was a fashion style

  • There are many very talented and hilarious Gen Z utubers and you unfortunately are not one. You're not very funny dude.

  • Funny thing is 2012 was actually 2020 on the myan calendar

  • this video's set up reminds me of my adhd edit: never mind, the whole video is just my mental track

  • I was born in ‘99 and was supposedly going to die via y2k when I was two weeks old. But I didn’t so suck that people in 1999

  • okay i was listening to this inthe background and everytime I heard "Pax tv" I had a tiny heart attack

  • Who tf the host? When I try to reverse image search, all I can get is Dwight from the Office or Drew Carrey. This doesn't exist on IMDb either! He looks like a weird mix of Stephen King, and a kind of character who would be a principal or a lawyer in an 80s movie. Please help!

  • My friends family prepped for 2012 and when I went “bro it’s not gonna happen they probably just ran out of room on the stone” she pulled the “better safe than sorry” card and I’m like ??

  • I would buy merch that was a traffic cone saying food

  • “Sir if you only knew” lol sigh… the good days

  • I wish AOL had deliberately turned off their servers for an hour at midnight on Jan 1, 2000 just to fuck with people. Such a wasted opportunity.

  • Yoo Nice hat