Room Raiders was MTV's Grossest Dating Show

Publisert 4. mai. 2021
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Out of all the weird early 2000's dating shows that MTV produced, Room Raiders was by far the grossest. I talk about it!







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  • Omg this youtuber is cringy entitled

    • Wa-

    • The fact that he pinned you at the top of the comments 😭😂

    • Ok

    • This is a joke, right? Tell me it’s a joke..


  • Say Kurtis Kenneth Conner 5 times, fast

  • cOllab??!??!?

  • Flannel and denim, the two most horrible fabrics?!?!?! GTFO Sara I could just stand you before but now you have insulted my people and I hate you

  • Why are we acting like these shows were “real” it’s scripted drama.. this shit is all set up

  • is it a BAD thing i actually like Kurtis's hair???? ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ❤

  • My dude these shows were my early teenage years and I don’t know if that’s a good thing hahaha. What were we watching 🤣

  • I like how he was snorting weed when mtv called him

  • I'm trying to eat man.....😂

  • Why did I wanna slap Sara?

  • nah man @Roly collects funko pops and i think has even had a deodorant sponsor lmao

  • Darn ur telling me that ur name coulda been just Kurtis Kenneth Conner? thats hard.

  • Ahhhh the 2000s. Cute fashion, disgusting social norms. I'm so glad I didn't have to be a teenager back then

  • I like the magnifying glass bit.

  • Men don't care about dust. My boyfriends room is covered in heart drawings on his furniture

  • That sketch at the end with Future-Kurtis really affected me. I'm not sure what's real anymore.

  • Yes! I knew he (Zac Efron) was on an MTV show! I remember watching High School Musical and thinking I saw Troy on NEXT or something

  • Your voice reminds me of John Mulaney all the time. I asked my mom and she doesn't hear it, and she is obsessed with John Mulaney. Does anyone else hear it?

  • I can’t fucking handle the ending skit

  • Your boy would have probably gone to jail or at the very least rehab if I was on room raiders

  • Mile high club would have been fire don’t sue me if i make it a snapchat series

  • 14:45, so his full name is...Kurtis Kenneth Konner?

  • One of the things I didn't know growing up was that you applied for things like this so I just thought they showed up

  • So she legit chose the nasty, stinky retainer over the bird claw 🤢🤮🤔

  • Kenneth's just in a silly goofy mood

  • why does Kaleb look like Ed Norton with a jew-fro?

  • I really believed in mile high club 😭😭😭😭😭 lmao

  • My dumb self actually believed I missed the Mile Higher Dating show because that’s just what MTV was like back then lmao

  • Did Curtis not know the black light was a huge part of the show?

  • "Fred actually did a video on it." Okay, what? I forgot about that guy, he does commentary now? How do I not know this?

  • i like how you didn’t even put Kenneth in the thumbnail

  • Grr

  • why would sarah choose someone who's breath smells like death- I had an expander, similar to a retainer, and I couldn't go more than a day or two without cleaning it. I can guarantee that that retainer smells like a corpse.

  • I have shelves full of bones and taxidermy from animals I genuinely found or acquired dead (none killed intentionally) and I'd hate having someone go through them thinking I'm an animal killer RIP dude

  • Okay that bird foot was for sure illegal to own under the MBTA lmao. Far as I know it's all birds of prey and it doesn't matter how you obtain them. And nobody cares lol

  • my ideal date is also lord of the rings. sam and frodo had a love story for the ages

  • Dude.... seriously did spend about 15 minutes looking for the Mile High Club show because I was immediately hooked by the premise. xD had I given it like 3 more seconds..... pitch that show. Would watch.

  • They definitely added a black light to the kit at one point in this show lol

  • the fear and revulsion that went through my body when I heard “President Jeff Bezos”

  • Good thing kurtis lives in the great green jewel of the common wealth.

  • Kurtis conner reminds me of eric forman from that 70’s show

  • Sarah: ah hell this jacket ugly af Also Sarah: *puts it on while saying this*

  • 1:51 kurtis: "take a look around your room. me: *is in the toilet*

  • T as in Troy? No Gabriella, t as in therapy for my Oedipus complex 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "I dont look like any other guy." *YOURE DAMN RIGHT YOU DONT*

  • #NotAllKenneths

  • You really had me with the Mile High Club thing.

  • kurtis kenneth conner?

    • Kurtis Matthew Kenneth Conner. KMKC Central instead of MTV.

  • i can't stop laughing about the fact that one of the guys just mentioned the other guys sister vomiting over everyone it was so out of pocket I can't stop laughing

  • I would watch that mile high club show

  • Kenneth doesn't understand bras need support......sigh

  • Which show was the one where they went on a date and had their bestfriend listening in with a lie detector and it would tell them through an ear piece if the date was lying. For example, if you went on a date, your friend would be in a van nearby somewhere and they had access to the lie detector and if you’re date was like “im a doctor “ , and they were lying it would show up on the lie detector and your friend would tell you “he’s lying “ through the earpiece and so then you would find out that your date lied and was actually a janitor at a hospital or something like that lol

  • Omg i live in San Diego 🥺

  • thanks a lot zooey

  • Kurtis PLEASE do a video of Come dine with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He "accumulated a fascination with different types of grass". Yeah...I'm sure he didn't use that as an excuse for why he put that he "likes grass" on the submission form for the show....

  • sarah annoyed me sm by saying everything in the boys’ rooms is “weird” or “creepy” like ???? how is a bird claw creepy bruh😭 why was her first thought that... well i guess she can have fun dating that sticky gamer boy

  • why is no one talking about “Your Damn Right You Don’t” LIKE 💀

  • 18:34 I was expecting that and disappointed when she didn't pull one out

  • there's so much to unpack

  • I love how he nonchalantly called Lucas Cruikshank FRED

  • We have a show like this in the uk called hot property and It’s chef’s kisses 🤌🏽 go check it out if u have a vpn or something like that idk how shit works in the USA 😂😭

  • I've watched a 27 minute long video, but I'm still not over the fact that Mile High Club is not real.

  • This man (Kenneth)....didn't know that nearly ALL bras have our nipples don't poke through our's not to make them look bigger, and unless you have really small boobs, it wouldn't make them look bigger.....

  • Dude, you have four names?

    • I think Matthew and Kenneth are his dad and step-dad’s names.

  • “I don’t like a girl who’s trying to fake stuff” He’s holding up a bra pad 😩😩 noooo

  • The skydiving dating show sounded so good I was literally about to look it up😤

  • Kurtis.. the playstation start up sound edit gave me a near death experience.

  • Dayn disappointed me 😂😂

  • I saw someone who used their retainer for 7 years no knowing it came out. It was so disgusting.

  • Kurtis kenneth conner

  • please please react to kenny vs. spenny!!!! it's all on youtube free!!

  • Can’t believe I have to watch this whole video to get back to at least it’s not a bird claw smfh

  • Make a video with dean!😢😭😡

  • lmaoo just referencing lucas as fred casually is so funny for some reason i love it

  • I’m trying to cope with the fact that Kurtis has two middle names that happen to be the same as my grandpa and my uncle

  • Thanks a lot zoey" 🙄

  • Did you...did you really stick your head in a toilet for this video?

  • Those are not...bra pads. Those are just regular old cups.

  • These old MTV shows always tried to spice things up by having people say their hobby is something insane. "Hi, I'm Josh, I go to Cal Tec, and in my free time I lick concrete."

  • hey what n64 game is that on the shelf behind you?

  • Yeah, the “panty raid” era was weird, but it was the last time I was happy.

  • I get this vibe from Kenneth that he now has a neckbeard, doesn't have sheets on his bed, and watches the Quartering on the regular.

  • Yo, they did have a black light

  • Horseboys*

  • 15:48 - stop attacking me rn. I know I forget to use deodorant. now stfu and let me live life.

  • “Caleb, wouldn’t it be funny if my head spun around and I threw up on everybody” SENT ME TO ORBIT


  • you look and sound just like Evan Peters but with better complexion lol

  • Not that my little voice matters at all, but that birdclaw joke wasn't funny. Like at all.

  • The bald joke at the end fucking ended me

  • Not my friend and I getting in trouble during this era for calling a classmate a “nerd” too much lol it was 2009 but we said nerd instead of geek for some reason

  • if you look very closely you can see that kurtis has angled his camera a bit to the left, because currently he is participating in room raiders, and got an unexpected visit but he didn't want to stop filming.

  • I forgot this show existed. I used to think this was amazing. I was a stupid kid.

    • "Padded bra? I don't like a girl that's tryna fake something" I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he doesn't know what a bra's purpose is...

  • Kurtis: How o... Google: How old Is Harrison Ford? Glad you asked. 78 Years old.

  • thanks a lot zooey

  • the “perfect date is lord of the rings” has the same energy as charlie saying his favorite hobby was “magnets” in its always sunny

  • Kutis Mullet

  • Didn't this show include a blacklight at one point? Or was that another MTV show?? lol

  • One of your middle names? I see you two are a man of class. Ha ha two... Yeah nailed it.