I Became A Country Boy

Publisert 30. okt.. 2020
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I've been goofin' on country boys for years now, and I think it's time to put my money where my mouth is, and see if I have what it takes to become a true country boy...enjoy!


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Song produced by BachBeats LLC

Thank you to Dylan Cozart for helping me mix/master the song! Check him out:


Thank you to Jacob Sharpe for being my country queen/king


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comment "this guy can skin a buck" if ur reading this!


  • Yee yee!

  • I wanna meet the bass pro shop owner. Surely that dude opens his coronas with his laser eyes like it's nothing

  • fun fact: MTN dew was made as a syrup to mix with moonshine.


  • Is there a such title as a lesbian country girl?

  • why does he keep pretending to pull things out of his bag? He kept saying "heres a shirt, a hat..." I don't see anything there. Just me? I sincerely want to know.

  • this absolute banger by kurtis is the only country song i will ever enjoy. ever.

  • I just want to thank you for putting captions on your videos, Google's auto captions are terrible and the seem to have decided to censor swears out without any option to change it, which I think is a bit fucking shit to say the least. also, this guy can skin a buck

  • “No human is supposed to see those things” Omnivorous humans for well over a 100,000 years: what dude

  • Omg... someone tell Kurtis some country people talk in slo-mo😭😭😭

  • "Just smoke cigarettes" -Kurtis, October 2020

  • i live in small town rural Montana(its very touristy though so not at all what comes to mind) and... the amount of "country" kids that jsut have a big backyard with no fence and ride horses sometimes but make fun of "city kids" is astonishing. i lived in actually the middle of nowhere and was a horse girl for a long time(thank god im not anymore) so i feel i can be the judge of this.

  • yes do a country album

  • Painting your car isn’t “the bare minimum” dude, thats a really amazing thing you just minimize

  • Now do it with black people. YOU COWARD.

  • I legit started having a panic attack when Kurtis tucked his jeans, you can tell he ain't a real country boy No hate to Kurtis but Jesus don't tuck the jeans my guy

  • "thats like if Jeff Bezos wrote a song about ethical business practices, you know? Sure it'd be great to heart but he doesn't know anything about that" you don't understand how hard that made me laugh

  • I played this song for a country boy with yeeyee on his window at a cosco

  • They actually sell chewing tobacco substitute in many gas stations alongside the actual dip that's just shredded beef jerky, that would have been a good option too.

  • 4:48 I can say, as someone who grew up in the south, it would not surprise me if this was just something they did at a national fair

  • 10:39

  • Dude they beef have jerky “dip” at gas stations. But instead of spitting, you swallow😭🤧

  • As a certified country boy, I can confirm these pointers.. LMFAO

  • That song SLAPS. Bisexual icon of a song 👏👏👏

  • if you do open a Bass Pro Shoppe in Kurtis Town, i would go to it to see all the Taxidermy.

  • 18:45 cake 🎂

  • I can't wait to be 21 so I can drink water, all my life I've waited to but I'm not able to drink legally

  • Damn, that "don't touch my truck" guy got jugs and cakes!

  • Kurtis is my favourite country boy, obviously

  • Kurtis out here drinking Mountain Don’t

  • That “chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco spit” one … I gotta admit I sang that … my parents play that song sometimes. We’re a little Yee Yee

  • I’m kind of a washed out country boy (southern family but raised in a sorta northern, very suburb-to-city area) so your transformation to a country boy is just what I feel like whenever I visit family. Also, how weirded out you were by Bass Pro Shops got a laugh out of me cause I go there semi often

  • Why is no one taking about how much of a slapper Kurtis’s Blood Related song was?? Music will never be the same too me. Song hits harder than my dad

  • Now, you have to mix beer, whiskey, AND mountain dew all together and drink it, for the ULTIMATE yee yee drink

  • kurtis i'd never realized my grandpa's favorite chair was from bass pro shop until this video - we had that sick ass recliner for years and seeing you sit in one gave me actual whiplash

  • ye i would like a country album from kurtis.

  • You know how you can tell a fake country boy? They wear Carhartt. Carhartt is trash. They also don't fucking call themselves that either.

  • Kurtis not knowing where to get chewing tobacco was very surprising

  • im so sorry but i did not listen to your intro at all i was too busy staring at the old man

  • this guy can skin a buck

  • the issue is some people would actually find it a problem that the girl wasn't blood-related somehow because they can't be "trusted" unless they're in the family.smh

  • The fact i know all of the lines to the country songs you used as examples hurts my soul.

  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurtistown,_Hawaii

  • Bi country music sounds illegal

  • I can't confirm ,as someone who grew up in a farm town and literally has a southern accent, he's spot on with what these guys are like

    • Also using the back of you foot (like the heel area) and kicking makes it a hell of a lot easier

  • In each thumbnail of Kurtis’ country videos, if you look at them in order you can watch his hair grow longer

  • pee

  • For Valentine's Day 2020 I bought myself Mt. Dew Code Red because I'm sweeter than Mt. Dew.

  • So, I grew up on a farm and my family has farmed for generations. I’m the black sheep of the family (a trans bisexual who listens to alt and wants to live in the city) and this is genuinely so accurate and amazing.

  • Now where were we?

  • Still can't believe how real and good the song is..

  • Been watching him for about 3 yeara now.. subscribed recently again.. and just realized that he looks like.. of jim from Office and Harry Styles had a baby...

  • Ok when he was reading the lyrics of country songs I literally knew every song because I grew up in the South. It's bad guys. I'm from Georgia. Help.

  • I grew up in the country.... I've seen how country boys "fight". 9/10 it resembles the way 2 male walrus fight. Then 1/10 times there is one drunk country asshole who keeps harassing just some guy until he snaps and punches him in the face. If the drunk guy is still standing, he will proceed to egg on the guy that just punched him FROM A DISTANCE, and maybe call the police.

  • no shot i've been in the same bass pro shops?!

  • What they do to the poor bulls is animal cruelty

  • One of the guys, just used Upchurch being funny and talking shit

  • God bless that bull that was dragged through a literal ring of fire jesus christ 💀

  • Second or third time I've watched this video and yeah you look like a city boy pretending to be a country boy to me But maybe it's cause I know 🥲 Edit: No I figured it out, you gotta get tighter fitting clothes, and tuck your shirts in. Little thing that goes a long way.

  • 9:41 confirms my belief that Kurtis and Bill Skarsgård

  • 3:23 umm- WTF?! 😭😭😭💀💀

  • no but why does the song actually slap I'm upset wtf

  • 16:30 well that didn’t age well- 2020 am i right? **cries**

  • but kurtis!! tucking your jeans into your boots is Not Country >:///

  • Aye, I'm just saying, country girls and country boys... That's my type of people js

  • Your cowboy hat looks British.

  • Youre funny my guy, but youre soft asf

  • no bcs i was raised with goddamn alan jackson and as a child boot scootin boogie was drilled into my head.

  • What I’ve learned is that if he doesn’t have those semi tight boot cut dad jeans, he’s not a real country boy. And if she doesn’t have a mustash that puts yours to shame, she’s not a real country girl.

  • Almost 1M listens on Spotify (10 months later)!

  • cool ☺

  • I subscribed because I got tired of not getting the extra greeting.

  • they go over the boots btw, I live in the south

  • This guy can skin a buck.

  • holy fucking shit, i fucking love you dude 😌🖤

  • I love that he’s talking about that man’s mommy milkers, but not that voluptuous cake???? That man could use that thing as a shelf omg

  • the ‘i swear to god’ 😭😭😭😭

  • That country song was pretty good

  • This will always be the first video i show people when i reference curtis and im 100% fine with that

  • I think your outfits in "what I'd wear if I was your man" were actually a lot cooler than the original.

  • I love how he used his male friend Jacob to be the girl instead of his literal girlfriend 😭✋

  • Why is his machete so small

  • This guy can skin a buck!

  • When you left bass pro you should of pretended to leave in the passenger seat. 😃

  • I feel like there is an entire untapped potential in covering the Louisiana form of country folk. Cajuns are gd nuts and they are way different than any yee yee midwestern corn fed country folk. We eat giant swamp rats and save people after hurricanes by using our shitty fishing boats and we have pet gators and such... maybe Cajun country would suite you better?

  • god i forgot how good this video is

  • Yee Yee beer and trucks

  • Bruh, he didn't even get Dr. Pepper. I'm literally shaking and crying right now!😤

  • Kurtis is unapologetically so goood like in every video where he dresses like some type of boy he looks so handsome and i dont even like those types of boys. Unfair

  • As an European this video was a WILD ride, but I enjoyed it so much nonetheless

  • It is pretty funny, but I do have to say that a someone who was actually raised country, they probably don't have a tik tok account. Usually our culture has more to do with respect, and honest-working. That being said, this video is HILARIOUS🤣

  • The circle of fire and bull is the kinda stuff that goes down at the rodio at the yearly fair

  • I’m a US city girl, but our country boys and girls are the ones who feed our nation, along with some of the rest of the world. Without a farmer, how would you survive? It’s a hard life. Much respect to our country folk.

  • The song so good

  • Mountain Dew was originally developed as a mixer for whiskey, so it actually makes sense!


  • That concert fit is fucking horrendous. The tucked in clubber shirt unbuttoned way too low, the bell-bottom pants. The dumb snap back. How?

  • "She's the yee to my yee" Dahm


  • how dare kurtis not address the third tiktok guys ABSOLUTE DUMPTRUCK?? i’m so disappointed in you kurt. ☹️