Teaching Gamers About God

Publisert 11. feb.. 2021
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This week, we take a look at a content creator named Dr. Witnesser; who "brings the gospel to gamers". He was banned from Twitch recently for a pretty gnarly reason, so come along as we take a closer look at what exactly happened.

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  • Dr. Witnesser: Ayo bro, I love you, God loves you- Also Dr. witnesser: *proceeds to shoot people with guns and show violence through fortnite while also telling people that they will go to hell* Also Dr. witnesser: Love you, god loves youuuu oh my gossshhh god loves youuu soooo much God: This is why I stay up here and you stay down there-

  • I’m a Christian, not like it matters too much, but i felt like stating that since it relates to the subject of this video. I’d like to break weird stereotypical Christians like the Christian who was brutally slammed into a shame corner by Kurtis in this video (good job Kurtis, love u man). I’d like to proudly admit thatI’ve spent more time laughing and enjoying the mass majority of these comments more than watching this video. This is a beautiful video, and these comments are SO RESPECTFUL and incredible that it gives me hope in humanity again. I seriously can’t wait to see LGBTQ people in heaven, getting the unconditional love that they truly deserve.

  • As a Christian I can say that these kind of people just make me disappointed in the Christian community, as you shouldn’t shove it down people’s throats- they have their own opinions and choices, especially with telling people they’re going to hell. What are you trying to do? Scar people for life? Its stupid on how people go about like this thinking it’s going to help. It isn’t.

  • The bit in the Bible where it talks about "man shall not lay with man" was originally about pedophilia but was edited to talk about homosexuality in the 1940's. They condemned a relationship between two adults over an immoral one between an adult and a minor.

  • Me: *has iron deficiency* Also me: *sees that tiktok* Iron deficiency: *RUNS AWAY 🏃‍♂️*

  • I used to be like this in 5th and 6th grade and then i educated myself and was like actually no this religion doesn’t work for me. I’m literally not straight or cis. No hate to anyone who worships God I just don’t anymore

  • For there is no other name under heaven and on earth that you can be saved but by the name of the Lord Jesus.

  • if i am wrong about being an athiest, i can wait to see people burn in hell with me, that would be funny, and it would help me enjoy my eternal torment for having different beliefs

  • a throwback to when i was eight and said “oh my gosh” and my mom got pissed bc she thought that i said “oh my god”

  • Amazon owned Twitch doesn't have Christian values? Newsflash, Jeff Bezos has no values period!

  • All I can think of is the super mega skit where Ryan goes to E3 as the ‘Gamer for God’ worth a watch if you though this was funny.

  • why do you all mock and blame God because a believer has failed to accurately represent His love? why do we blame God when humans make mistakes

  • As a follower of Jesus, I love you so much for this. Thank you, brother, seriously 🙏😁 my man dropping the same verses I drop to get people to stfu about their hateful bullshit. 😊 keep up the good work 🙌👽

  • Yes I do agree that that guy should have definitely not started” with all you’re going to hell” because they’re gonna scare the child and then he’s not gonna want to I think that Christians normal Christians normally start with O hey do you know who God is he still wonderful let me tell you about him

  • Sorry I don’t mean to force religion down your throat but I just want you to know because that is my job as a believer on this earth please read all the comments I put below thank you❤️

  • Everything is not all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns we’re still human like you guys we just believe in God, and yes you will be in hell if you don’t repent for your sins and become a believer but God doesn’t want that for you say somebody came up to you andAnd you don’t know them at all would you invite them into your house, no you wouldn’t because you don’t know them and you don’t trust them so that’s why God does that

  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of your relationship with the Lord, then he gets scared and then he want to know and once you know it is so beautiful

  • That is not Ture some Christians don’t even go to church half the time I don’t even read the Bible I go on this Bible app and the things you’ve done in my life is so awesome another song sound crazy but he told me when my parents were going to die so if you ask me how do you know he’s real all I can say is try it out for yourself and prove me wrong

  • "Oh My God" Is a sin but its super annoying 🙄

  • Im surprised there were no binding of issac jokes Edit- I went to comic con and i saw an ad for gamer church or something like that and i immediately thought if this video, it was hilarious

  • Oh my god what the fucking hell Lawdy have mercy on my goddamn soul, this poor sap legitimately thinks he's a Christian LMFAO *No.*

  • "Don't have sex with animals, everyone agrees with that" No one tell the Christian neck beard about the Furry community.

  • If you actually go into the original Hebrew words used, which the current versions of the bible are translated from, you can find some inaccuracies and/or misinterpretations with the scriptures ppl are so fuckin crazy over. The actual verses are speculated to have actually been translated from a diminutive word for man, aka *a child.* As in, “don’t lay with a child.” Which of course, is wildly different from “don’t lay with a man.” One of the kings of england (?) for whom the King James Version of the bible is named actually kinda fucked around with the translations and even inserted a book in the New Testament (the book of James) to honor himself, so I wouldn’t trust everything you read from the bibbly book. Oh and also King David was bi, thank u for coming to my Ted talk.

  • bro if ur youth leader said youd burn in hell that aint a church bro 😂😂

  • As a Christian, it kind of makes me sad that people use fear mongering like this.

  • l a m p

  • “And my mom, God bless her…. well..” 😅

  • I really appreciate Kurstis' take on Christianity. He is right in that the original message of loving each other has been so heavily skewed by people who are greedy for power. The Church has a lot of issues, and it can be hard to feel like there's anything good in there still. Something that helps me keep my faith in God as a Catholic is separating the humans within the churches from the actual true Church of God. The Catholic Church, while inspired by God, has had a terrible history and like anything human-made, is fallible. The church makes mistakes, and like a game of telephone, mistakes made hundred of years ago get bigger and bigger until the original message is heavily warped. We as humans were given a strong sense of morality. We know when things are intrinsically right or wrong. So I tend to go with my gut, even though the people in the churches have worked hard to give power to those who twist God's message to their own advantage. Personal morality is directly God-given. That's one thing that no human invention nor institution can teach or take away from you. Sorry for the length I just had to offer my two cents lol

  • why would any one think about that

  • This is so going to get lost but for clarification on the "name in vain" thing.... The whole reason its a commandment is because you cannot use GODS WORD/NAME to spread hate (AKA using it in vain) like being homophobic etc. Its basic logic but some "christians" like to choose what to interpret and what to ignore. Like "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is forgotten when talking ab gay ppl. Its wild bro

  • I'm a bi-sexual non-binary atheist liberal pro feminism and abortion. If I had money I would give him it.

  • when you order a christian from with

  • God and Allah is a title not taking his name in vaine

  • I think when people say "don't say his name in vain" they don't realise it means to not use God as reason to control or manipulate others which Christians love to do. It doesn't mean saying "oh my God"

  • Oh my god- i fucking hate this guy (dr. witnesser not kurtis lmao)- as a non-binary queer christian this is actually the most frustrating thing- this is the opposite as evangelism

  • 12:40 Actually it kinda is

  • 11:43 People aren’t against beastiality because they was in some book that was written a thousand years ago. People are against beastiality because animals can’t consent dumbass! And even if they could, we can’t understand them, so we can’t when they are happy, and when they aren’t. And at least 99% they are probably the second, and not happy. That is why it’s illegal, not because some old book said so!

  • If I was still a kid, I'd probably choose burning in hell 100 years later over getting up at 7 every Sunday starting the following week

  • Can you not just say god forgives all, no matter their opinions if they can accept him? I mean why you gotta force it down their syphilis drippin throat if they can just find out themselves, and in Christian

    • Yes, because God does forgive all. That is one of the first things you should learn in church.

  • It wasn’t talking about homosexuality it was talking about pedophilia 🤦🏻

  • +2

  • I was honestly and wholeheartedly expecting the sinning gamer to admit to dropping a hard R

  • Fun fact: The original text of the Bible says man shall not sleep with boy as in pedophilia. Nothing against homosexuality.

  • 5:19 my kinda religon

    • Ironically, my town's variation of Christianity is exactly like that

    • Yes! Hippies >>>> Christian fanatics

  • As a Christian I believe that it's not my place to judge someone for their own beliefs or ways (since the bible says God will do the judging I guess), and I see it as my responsibility to just be respectful and try to understand others, and share kindness as best I can. It's really hard to do sometimes especially working retail but I just try my best. It bothers me when other 'Christians' are acting like that douche and spreading such hateful crap and forcing his ways on others. That's not how you do it dude!! Jesus shared kindness, and respect. Every Christian should be trying to do the same. Fearmongers are assholes.

  • I'm not offended, Xtian but I don't like churches. Everybody should just be their best person, whatever that may be.

  • If you're still interested in chatting with some Christians, I recommend checking out Daily Disciple (Isaac David), Living Waters (Ray Comfort), or Whaddo You Meme (who made a post today asking for recommendations on who to talk with, and I thought of you). They're all Bible-practicing Christians who share the gospel, and are *respectful* about it. The message of the Bible is the word of God. It's very important, and something not enough people take into account today. These guys can answer any questions you have. I see people suggesting God Is Grey in the comments, she seems to have good intentions, but she does not practice what God wants us to do. Please check out the respectful Bible believers I mentioned above, and try to be open-minded, as a true believer should indeed preach the gospel, not with hate, but love (but also not supporting sin, as preaching the truth is how we love, as we want to help you all). God bless you all, and have a wonderful day! 💖

  • 5:20 why is this my church..

  • This is the only Kurtis Conner video that I can't rewatch because it just makes me so angry. What kind of narcissistic tool would bully children and then think they're a victim?

  • I don’t understand people who take life so literally. Especially basing their own choices and beliefs in this world based upon religion... one that someone else created… I don’t know I believe in my own sort of religion I guess, I have my own set of rules that I sort of live by, my own morals but it’s kind of a piece of every religion or at least the pieces that makes sense to me. People are so gullible and impressionable, organized religion is honestly the same thing as a cult or even sort of the same thing as like alcoholics anonymous… It’s like a organization of sorts for people..but that doesn’t mean anybody else has to believe in whatever your cult does. Obnoxious as hell

    • As a person who sits between agnosticism and atheism, it baffles me to see Christians, people who would literally talk about how Jesus sacrificed himself for all and whatnot, be this vile towards certain others. So according to them, God loves all, but for some reason if you are part of another religion, you just go straight to hell? Also, not to mention the absolute insesitivity regarding people who've saddly taken their own lives. Disgusting to hear someone who supposedly has good faith talk like that. And they wonder what drives the youth away from Christianity.

  • as a trans gay christian who 100% respects all religions and does not believe in forcing religion on children this pains me

  • Lol yeah, bully kids online… because that’s how you get into heaven. I love how he’s doing this to justify playing video games. Even though playing video games isn’t against Christianity… unless someone updates the Bible really few years 😂

  • @8:51 this guy knows nothing. Muslims acknowledge the virgin birth of Jesus in the Quran... thus, they DO believe in Jesus and God (although by a different name). he is preaching to the choir, so to speak, and it is a choir that outnumbers him by a wide margin.

  • My mom literally hit me because i was having a panic attack and didn’t want to go to church, love the way she preaches the religious life😋👏🏻

  • 2k Jesus stans disliked this video for the Lord

  • My parents would send me to bible camp then get made when I come back religious, like what did they think would happen 🤚🏻

  • That dude makes me actively want to sin... I dont wanna go to heaven if heaven's filled with people like that

  • When Jesus come back and he's middle eastern 🤣 y'all gonna gag

  • Wait, Twitch is run by the LGBTQ community? Where the hell is my cut of the profits?

  • I have a lot of respect to Christians, personally I am very close with a few (one of my best friends) but this dude…. “We don’t hate your religion, we hate you”

  • And also, I do believe saying Gods name in vein is wrong, but I don't care about people saying omg because Im not going to inforce my religion on you, I believe as a Christian that's like one of the worse things you can do

  • As a Christian, the comments are something. But I really don't care if people aren't, because I don't want to force anyone to my religion. Also, yeah I don't think pastors should not be telling people they are going to burn in hell. Bcuz that makes people want to go away even more.

    • Don't worry, as long as you're not shoving your beliefs down anyone else's throats, no one's gonna have a problem with you. I am personally not a religious person, but I'm fine with people of faith who aren't judging others or constantly trying to convert someone. Basically all of my relatives are Orthodox. And while some are close-minded and judgemental, some really are wonderful people who try to be as accepting as possible. I mean, if you truly believe in something and it brings you fullfilment, then that's great and I'm happy for you. You sound like a good person and I wish we could have more Christians like you replace all the violent fanatics who basically only spread negativity.

  • Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and more religions, all in a way lead to one God. mind all of your businesses 40yos. also can someone explain to me how Jesus is God but is also the son of God, while saying there's only one God?

  • I recently became an atheist, for several reasons. one of them was fearmongering hypocritical self-righteous discriminating shitbags like this guy. I mean, my whole family is Christian, and they aren't homophobic, they aren't intolerant to other belief systems or sciences, and they don't believe in being sent to hell. People like dr witness shouldn't be the ones representing this religion.

  • You're effing hilarious brosef!! Thanks for existing

  • I went to a Christian school for a while and I swear the minister guy could teleport. Every single time anyone said "oh my god" he'd be right behind you, telling you not to use the Lord's name in vain. In music class we had to change lyrics in popular songs from oh my god to oh my gosh or goodness or we'd get in trouble lol.

  • “I don’t regret telling that Muslim kid he was going to hell” Kurt boy: “Ahhh nice” 🧑🏻🤙🏻

  • 12:00 "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves." Numbers 31: 17-18 Yeah, pretty sure all of that would amount to a war crime today, but the Israeli ties had no problem committing actual genocide. Maybe the bible is bronze age horseshit and should have no bearing on what's legal and what's not legal in the modern world?

  • God is strong comrade, Humans are weak, he can toy with us as he pleases... Get strong comrades #GodzillionaireSigmaGrindset

  • Hmmm... the occasional slip-ups aren't welcome. Overexaggerating "sexism" where it doesn't exist, calling DLIVE a "white supremacist platform". And that really isn't out of context, this dude actually said something that fucking stupid. Do better

  • Isnt being fat a sin? 👀 If you're gonna preach about this nonsense you better look like a comic book superhero

  • Yo yo 😏 hit me up. I would love to collaborate with you! Let me know lol

  • I would love to see him in a COD lobby

  • I’m just gonna say it as a Christian myself that does not practice religion even though I have some beliefs and faith like divine intervention and such, I think it is extremely selfish to force people to Believe in religion when they don’t want to and to also take it way too seriously to completely control your life they aren’t bylaws they are suggestions. You can do whatever the fuck you want as long as isn’t evil. Those are the only things that you should not do that’s listed in the Bible or any other religious book or document

  • As a former Christian, I hate to see these crazy people. It's one of the many reasons I grew tired of the whole religion. What the hell is this guy doing on twitch anyway? I cringed everytime he was on screen, it seems like he has no idea how humans interact with each other. "You're gonna burn in hell." lol I wonder what he thought he'd achieve with shit like that. Also, eternal hell is an ancient pagan Greek belief, not a Christian one.

  • God created us to have free will. He doesn’t want us to be forced to chose him. Because if we are forced to love him it wont be genuine. He wants us to chose him over sinful things. Everyone messes up, but once a Christian messes up people think Christians lie and are fake. Ofc we mess up we are not perfect. But God loves us no matter what we do. He loves us but hates the sin. So don’t let someone else’s “religion” effect the way you think God is like. You can’t rely on us Christians but you can rely on God. And I say “religion” because I believe that it’s not a list of rules we follow. It’s a friendship we have to build with God. Like I said before God wants us to chose him and he will show you his peace and love. So don’t base one persons actions on God.

  • THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER- dude isn’t that a South Park reference?! Kurt ur awesome

  • man, it sucks to see this is how a lot of people go about trying to convert people. that’s the last thing you want to say to someone who doesn’t know a lot about christianity or just doesn’t agree with it in general. teach them about God’s endless love and forgiveness for us. teach them about the gospel, how Jesus came down and died for our sins so we could live life abundantly with our Father. God does not want us to believe out of fear, but out of love. these people forget about the biggest part of christianity, the biggest factor, that it is a RELATIONSHIP, not a religion. you build a relationship with God and a genuine one doesn’t come out of fear. Jesus is literally my best friend and the center of my life. i believe because i LOVE, not because i fear. just wish a lot of people would realize that

  • If you’re going to preach it, use it to intimidate and essentially threaten others with your belief being the “correct” one, at the very fucking least make sure WHAT you’re referencing is true and accurate. If I submitted my research papers with incorrect references or citations, I’d never have gotten my phd. But when it’s the bible? No problem, use it to scare people, oppress people, keep the gender roles of men and women as they were centuries ago as men’s egos are too fucking fragile. Religion is STILL responsible for the most number of deaths throughout human history. The ENTITLEMENT is ASTOUNDING! Why are you entitled to scare people, insult people, judge others, dictate how a woman should handle HER body, how those within the LGBTQ+ are sinners etc, it’s never ending. But, it was NEVER don’t lay with man as you would a woman, it is don’t lay with a BOY as you would a woman. Rightfully for a change, it’s referencing paedophilia . Fucking, cherry-picking, threatening, IGNORANT AS FUCCCCK, uneducated idiots.

  • Best part? The translation was incorrect. It’s thou shall not lay with a BOY as you do a woman” BOY! The statement is regarding PEADOPHILLIA ffs, not homosexuality. THAT is cherry picking/hypocritical as fuck- you don’t get to decide what the bible said. Also, the opening line is in A beginning, not THE beginning, I.e: it’s at least a story or, it’s a VERSION of the creation of the world and universe. There’s SOOO many more misinterpretations in the translation from Hebrew to English it’s absolutely astounding.

  • Awesome, now do islam?

  • Last year my little cousin asked me if I believe in Jesus I said no and he told me when I die im going to burn in hell he's such a nice person 🤧 💯 😪 😤 👌 😔 🤧 💯 😪 😤

  • "oh my god... of war"

  • I’m doing a BA in Divinity and Theology at a Catholic university. I’m not a content creator but if you’d like to talk to someone who spends every day writing/talking about God, hmu!

  • This man must be in some kind of cult, some one exactly like him but older came into a csgo lobby, called us bastards, and said we would burn in hell because we were playing it. Ironically he was playing it himself, which means he will be in hell as well. He also had a shitty mic, and was advertising his channel. Needless to say it was fucking hilarious.

  • Seeing your bare legs was the weirdest thing to ever see in a Kurtis Conner video 😩

  • Some Christians do interpret the "do not use God's name in vain" commandment as literally saying "o my god" but that phrase only became popular in the last century or so, so the commandment was definitely not referring to that particular phrase. Using God's name in vain about 2000 years ago meant using God's name or your religiosity to gain money, fame, fortune, positions or luck in life. It literally means to do the opposite of what Dr. Witnesser is doing. Jesus specifically preached about your belief in him to be private, he made fun of pharisees for praying in public and making a big show if it. Its basically a commandment against being Un-geniune

  • God is a role and title not his name

  • 0:56

  • The whole “don’t say gods name in vain” is so silly. The word god was created so you COULDN’T say his name in vain. The Christian gods name is Yahweh…. Most Christians don’t even know that. Lmao

  • 10:55 yeah dawg that’s true about the Bible but not about you. Tho tbh perma ban does seem like a lot for that, were there any other infractions?

  • Quick reminder that our modern image of Jesus is based on a gay artists male lover ❤️

  • Who doesn’t have a Christian inappropriately proselytizing story?? I live in the American South so I’ve got a ton. It’s interesting to me that he experienced it growing up in Canada.

  • 12:25 The modern representation of Jesus is literally how Michelangelos gay lover looked, so they're simping for a gay bottom >>

  • Poop Simulator took the lord’s name in vain 😫

  • Fuuuuuuuu...

  • Gamers aren't god fearing? Your absolutely right I don't fear god.

  • 11:31 don't trust anyone who pronounces t's like that

  • this video is so goddamn funny i keep coming back to it

  • i know this video is kind of old, but a Christian NOwiner who isn't an asshole that i can think of is God is Grey. i don't know much about her, but she's very progressive, very much not homophobic and not telling kids that they're going to hell, and i do believe she has her own podcast as well, so she might be open to talking about things with you